Karina Nascimento

After a stellar start to her body building career in 1999, Karina Nascimento, took an eight year hiatus for her three children to return in 2012 and become the world’s first IFBB Pro Women’s Physique Champion.  Many in the fitness competition circuit remember her earliest accomplishments of 1999-2003 when she competed in women’s body building. Karina’s hard work, great genes and stage presence quickly earned the attention of judges across the country.   As a result, Karina took the title at many shows including:

1st Place NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic (1999)
1st Place NPC Iron Games (2000)
1st Place NPC Ironmaiden (2000)
1st Place NPC Women’s Extravaganza (2001)
3rd Place Arnold Classic IFBB Ms. International (2003)
1st Place IFBB Dessert Muscle Classic Physique (2012)
4th Place IFBB California Physique (2012)
1st Place Overall IFBB Valenti Gold Cup September 2012
Optimum IFBB Classic, Shreveport May 2013 – 1st Overall
New York Pro May 2013 – 2nd Place

Karina makes appearances for Lone Star and top supplement lines at shows across the country often joining Team Lone Star at the Olympia and Arnold.  To contact Karina Nascimento please email Karina@lonestardistribution.com or visit www.karinabrazilpro.com